The Welcome Demise of Robotic Coaching and Therapy

Thursday 20th June 2024 | Time: 6:30pm -7:30pm (UK Time)


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During this FREE online event, Nick Kemp, leading expert and creator of Provocative Change Works (PCW) explores the inevitable and welcome death of robotic coaching & therapy.  

The demise of these approaches is inevitable because in most instances they don’t result in successful outcomes for clients.

The reason why this is welcome is because there are now more productive and effective ways to really assist clients in a productive manner.

This event will explore the following:

  • Why relying in robotic techniques in lazy and ineffective
  • How jargon terms like “breaking through” and “limiting beliefs” are truly daft and usually detrimental in client sessions
  • Getting behind the “smoke and mirrors” perpetuated in personal change seminars and why most of these well-meaning teachings don’t work with real life clients.

In this event you will discover: 


  • How to work conversationally without the need for scripts and using your own experience and skills to assist others.
  • How emotional expression and psychoeducation is essential for productive client work.
  • Why all effective change results from micro adjustments and the ability to pay attention in the here and now.


Watch a short clip of Nick discussing the event here


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Join us for this FREE webinar.

Thursday June 20th 2024. 6:30pm UK time

Whether you are a psychotherapist, NLP'er, Hypnotherapist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (or any other type of change-worker) it can be incredibly valuable to challenge traditional ways of doing things and to get new insights into effective change work. 





Influenced by his work with Frank Farrelly, Nick Kemp has developed the distinctive and effective Provocative Change Works (PCW). Whether you are a coach, therapist, trainer, communicator, business person, or anyone who wants to personally develop Provocative Change Works can provide a valuable model of communication, problem solving and change.


Nick Kemp has been involved in the field of personal change for over 40 years, having studied many forms of communication and personal development, including Hypnosis, Provocative Therapy and NLP. Between 1980 and 1998 he taught workshops on personal development. Nick works on a group and individual basis for professional and personal work. He runs a successful private practice, and also provides business trainings to companies by appointment. In 2004 Nick Kemp met Frank Farrelly, (creator of Provocative Therapy and influence on the creators of NLP) and began an intensive training with him to become one of a very small number of Farrelly internationally approved Provocative Therapy Trainers.


Nick and Frank became firm friends, co presenting at Provocative Therapy events as well as spending far too many hours watching classic movies at Nick’s home cinema in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Nick set up The Association for Provocative Therapy (AFPT), and released “Provocative Change Works for Phobias”, which was the first of a number of DVD sets with commentary from Frank Farrelly himself. As well as teaching classic Provocative Therapy (PCW), Nick has created his own Provocative Change Works approach which he teaches internationally as well as with private clients.


"You are totally disarming and beyond formalisation. There is an ease and naturalness about you and you make people relax really quickly. You got the power man!”.”

Frank Farrelly, Creator of Provocative Therapy


"Do you know Nick Kemp? – (he is) exceptionally bright, and I have immensely enjoyed communicating…The kind of exchanges that I have been having… are the kind of activities that I think can really advance the field. He has modeled two different simple processes which are part of his Provocative Change Works™ set of tools for working with anxiety and other strong emotions that I have found enormously useful in working with clients. He has also modeled the different patterns in Frank Farrelly’s Provocative Therapy so that they are easy to learn. In addition, he is everything you might wish for in a colleague – available, creative, and eager to discuss ideas and learn as well as teach."

Steve Andreas, NLP Developer and Author


"I’ve watched the work of Fritz Perls, Anna Freud, Carl Rogers, Moshe Feldenkrais, Alexander Lowen, and a few more of the “names” in the psychotherapy field. Your clinical work surpasses some of them now, at a comparatively young age. Given your passion for clinical learning, love of people and creative spirit, I suspect I’ll be dropping your name onto that list of recognized “names” in the psychotherapy field one day."

Frank Bourke Ph.D, Executive Director of the NLP Research and Recognition Project, former lecturer Cornell University and researcher London University